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Midtown Condo Kitchen and Bath Redo

This is a previous client project who purchased their 2nd home. A condo in the heart of the Atlanta and asked me to help her with design choices for kitchen and bathroom as well as rethink the floorplan for additional storage solutions and a updated layout as well as to bring in light in parts of the condo that currently felt closed in.

First was the kitchen, we got rid of cut out window and soffit, re routed all plumbing and electrical to create the popular open floorplan.

WE also deleted pantry and moved the fridge location for much needed counter space.

We also changed bathroom layout a bit by changing swing door entry doors for pocket doors and created a new opening for bathroom door to in and used existing " entry way" to bathroom for a large line closet in the bathroom.

Not to mention that by using the frosted glass doors brought light in this bathroom without a window.

One more change in bathroom, the tub is out and large walk in shower is now in its place.

There is also a structural column in the unit that could not get rid of, instead , we just opened it a bit to left of it to bring additional light into breakfast nook!

Entry foyer and hall got additional can lights and sconces. Before it felt dark and dingy with just one ceiling light.

I also changed out the louvered doors for the laundry as you come in, they got changed for doors to match existing doors in the condo.

We used a mixture of mid grade and high end materials for counters and flooring, but the blend of them sure does feel very sophisticated and upscale, just like my client!

We also painted trim darker than walls for a crisp and modern look.