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Alpharetta Main Level Makeover

Clients hired me to fully redesign ( for functionality) and decorate the entire main level of their house.

They decided to hire a professional after their kids got a bit older and would" respect" things as she put it.

It is an active household with 2 boys and a dog and they needed to add function to their main level to make it easier for " mom" to delegate tasks as well as multi- task .

Most important of all was homework and cooking time. Homework used to be done upstairs and of course kitchen being downstairs made it hard for mom to multi task.

So we used the front 2 rooms of this traditional Alpharetta home to create a home office /den for mom ( traditionally , it would have been front living room) and a much needed study/ office and storage space for the boys ( traditional space would have been formal dining room).

In addition, my clients wanted to be able to entertain in this main level. In the past, they would take their guests to the basement as they didn't think the main level reflected their character and style.

They wanted a simplistic and livable space but with a "touch of traditional formality" which went very well with the shell of the space already being traditional.

She also wanted me to re-purpose as much of her existing furniture as possible. So I went on about the job of hiring my crews to do the following:

Add storage to the island

refinish hardwood floors

Add storage cabinetry to the powder room

change lighting

fully furnish and decorate all rooms on main level

and even CUSTOM designed their front door ( yet to be delivered) not on photos attached yet.

Alpharetta Main Level Makeover