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Dziorney Project_ Main Level traditional house

Client hired me to fully redesign her main level of her 2 story traditional home.

The main issue she had was the furniture layout in the living room with not enough sitting for everyone as well as not able to entertain larger parties of 4 or more.

I accomplished the challenge by adding 2 round back chairs at bay window, 2 additional chairs facing fireplace as well as a large sofa across from bay window. In additional her ottoman serves as additional seating by fireplace if needed. We went full traditional with hues of greens and red is our pop color .

Kitchen got an island she always wanted with 2 seats for her girls to have breakfast every morning. Custom window treatments and new lighting everywhere made a huge impact in the kitchen including upper and under cabinet lighting, new chandeliers and automatic on / off pantry lighting.

The front formal dining is now the kid's computer room. We dressed up the entrance from the foyer with custom panels that can be closed or opened depending on how formal you wan to foyer to look.

Overall, clients's reviews is that " I have changed the way she lives in her house" She had been there 10yrs and never imagined it could have been possible! I am so pleased!

Dziorney Project