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Master Bath Relocation / New Sitting Room

The master bathroom in this house was located in a small room about 5' wide by 13' long.

The space where master bathroom is now located is a room adjacent to the closet, unfinished that clients walked through everyday to get to their closet.

The existing master bathroom located posed an issue as shower was too small, not enough vanity and counter space or storage for that matter and not enough passage way between vanity to get into shower.

In addition, all doorways were very narrow, shower very narrow, and my clients are 6'5 ( him) 5 '10" ( her).

My challenge at first was to accommodate all of that in the existing bath location.

After seeing the location of this unused area being next to closet , We decided it even though it had the angles from the pitched roof as this was a bonus area above the garage, it was still much better space than the existing.

In the end, my design accomplished a large master bathroom with plenty of vanity and counter space, a massive shower for my 6'5" client , an amazing tub and plenty of walk space !

I am happy at final outcome as well as clients are very happy to share this master bathroom every day and they gained a sitting area off master bedroom where the old bathroom used to be.

Master Bath Relocation / New Sitting Room