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On the whole, Decasa did a good job with our renovation/remodel. We had a guest house on our property that needed a lot of work. (Most of it had to be replaced and brought up to code.) We reached out to several companies for quotes, and Decasa came in with the best offer and a designer that seemed legitimately interested in the project. Renata had a lot of great ideas about the new layout. She took our desires and molded them into something even better. Her team did a great job getting all the big fixes done. There were a few issues along the way — some of which I attribute to delays caused by a permit problem, so Decasa deserves a little leeway there. Still, the project ended up a little rushed at the end. Some things got damaged, and they were (mostly) fixed, but the fixes were not as high quality as the initial work. We’ve heard a lot of renovation horror stories. So, while we can’t say the project was smooth sailing or that communication was always clear and timely, we can say that we’re happy with the end result, and the stress was manageable. All in all, Decasa is worth reaching out to for your next renovation.Read More

Renata has a fabulous taste selecting finishes for the design. I love my home. I was extremely busy, so I let Renata select a lot of the materials and she understood my style very well. I feel my house really reflects me and I am enjoying it so much everyday.Read More

Kitchen remodel. Renata came up with great additional suggestions, gave great advice, answered all my questions. Excellent execution. Final result: kitchen turned out exactly as I had envisioned!Read More

We recently used Renata and team to do a full design and build out of our unfinished basement (over 1500 sq ft). From day 1, Renata was great to work with - came with great ideas, listened to our views, communicated frequently and was an ease to work with. We investigated many other firms and so glad we went with Renata and her team. The estimate was fair and accurate. The subcontractors were high quality, tidy and professional. And Renata has a great eye! We would highly recommend and definitely use Decasa again!Read More

Trust the Process!!!! and trust Renata.... We just completed our home exterior paint/remodel... what a transformation! We replaced the standard color and trim (like every other house in the neighborhood) with a much more modern scheme... Peppercorn, SealSkin, Wood columns.... every detail was thought out - even down to how the gutters should blend in - thanks to Renata....What you get with Renata is the expertise.... We did a complete internal remodel with her 3.5 years ago and we trust her so much, that we asked her to do the exterior...Read More